DCMS 86 Mad Metal March Part Deux

MMMII, some great tracks to swing your axe too, whether that be a guitar, battle axe, or even guitar hero, which I beat my children at finally on easy setting, ahem.
At least I got 100% on Schools Out, that must count for something, told you I was going crazy.

You will hear:

  1. Heavens Cry: Face, Canada, Prosthetic
  2. Sabaton: Carolus Rex, Sweden
  3. Meshuggah: Break Those Bones Whose Sinews Gave It Motion, Sweden
  4. Chariots of The Gods: Tides of War, Canada, Asher
  5. Man The Machetes: Sjelsvrengt, Norway, Indie Recordsing
  6. Holy Grail: Silence The Scream, USA, Prosthetic
  7. Mothership: Cosmic Rain, USA, Clawhammer
  8. Scythe of Dante: Amendment, USA, Fight For It
  9. Centurian: The Will of The Torch, Netherlands, Listenable, Clawhammer
  10. Ruins: A Lesson in Ruthlessness, Tasmania, Listenable, Clawhammer
  11. Blodig Alvor: Start En Revolusjon, Norway, Indie Recordings

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