DCMS 85 Mad Metal March Starts Now

The start of a beautiful month, flowers are blooming, trees are starting to show life, and metal goes mad. This is first of weekly shows for the month, proving that hosts can be crazy too. Thanks to Erk of Erk FM’s Metal Monday, for the swift kick in the crotch to get going. No UK in this show, but you will get a lot of UK Metal in a week or two with Hammerfest Special, already in the bag ready to go! Dark ups courtesy of Fred, who’s now fired and Spank our office monkey.
Picture: Mad Magazine, 1973

You will hear:

  1. Omnium Gatherum: Beyond, Finland, Lifeforce
  2. Anger As Art: Rage and Retribution, USA, Clawhammer
  3. Skineater: He Was Murdered, Sweden, Clawhammer
  4. Ulcer: Devitalized, Poland, Clawhammer
  5. Fallstaf: My Demons, Canada, Asher
  6. XUL: Vengence, Canada, Asher
  7. Ion Vein: Fools Parade, USA, Clawhammer
  8. Sonic Reign: Daily Nightmare Injected, Germany, Clawhammer
  9. Overtorture: The Strain, Sweden, Clawhammer
  10. Nervochaos: Your World’s Trend, Brazil, Clawhammer
  11. Adrenechrome: Titans Fall, Canada, Asher
  12. All Else Fails: The Burden of Life, Canada, Asher

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