DCMS 84 Back from The Dark

A month? What the … This has to change and s I’m announcing Mad Metal March, where I’ll do a show every weekend in March, that might kick start this farking show again. It’s been too long.
So an hours work of rock, metal, death and thrash from around the world. Enjoy.
Picture: Edge of Attack, Reverbnation

You will hear:

  1. Sacred Steel: Under the banner of Blasphemy (Germany,Clawhammer)
  2. Dawn Heist: Loki (Australia)
  3. Frosthelm: Damage Over Time (USA)
  4. Revocation: Maniacally Unleased (USA, Scion)
  5. Edge of Attack: Forever (Canada)
  6. Desolator: Born of Sin (Poland)
  7. Fallstaf: Fuck The Fence (Canada)
  8. Burial Hordes: Absolute Obedience (Greece)
  9. Anger As Art: Anger is The Reason (USA)
  10. Gortal: Dreaming of Being Dead (Poland)
  11. Cnoc An Turda: Lion of Scotland (Scotland, Candlelight)
  12. Dropbear: A Rose For Carolina (Australia)
  13. Deserted Fear: Field of Death (Germany)

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