DC 563 Gnoll and Void

This week, unwell, sick and tired. No sleep because of roadworks. Spend sleepless time gaming, not like me. Great tunes. Music Industry on it’s way back?, with no where to buy music other than online, and Sony admitting it needs X-Factor to find talent – No. Even Simon Cowell is having trouble, even asking David Bowie to be a judge. I should have known better, Jesse Wood is Ronnie Woods offspring. I should do more research.

Podcrawl London 2013 – 18th May or 22nd June ?

Picture: JunkSista

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DC 562 Rusty

This week, getting out there again and talking to musical types. Interview with Syd Arthur. The Brit Awards and why pop music has become so “safe”. Fearne Cotton names her baby Rex, future therapy sessions bundled into birthing package, 6 music polish off news of Pistorius with Hendrix’s Hey Joe. DJs need to know what they are playing, they really do. People say the BBC does not make make good use of license fee money, they should look at Norwegian TV, who show a fire burning for 12 hours, with advice on how to chop and stack wood. Bargain.

Picture: Syd Arthur

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DC 561 Year of The Z

This week, sick and tired of Zombies, with more and more films and TV showing them this year, making this year indeed The Year of The zombie. Shawshank still misses out on the best film ever. More On demand offerings, this time Tescos of all companies. If it’s free I’m sure someone will use it, even if it only play Batman Cartoons to lull people into watching The another Batman reboot, post Justice League? Benjamin Curtis of School of Seven Bells diagnosed with cancer, we at DarkCompass wish him a speedy recovery.

Picture: Alaska Campus

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DCMS 84 Back from The Dark

A month? What the … This has to change and s I’m announcing Mad Metal March, where I’ll do a show every weekend in March, that might kick start this farking show again. It’s been too long.
So an hours work of rock, metal, death and thrash from around the world. Enjoy.
Picture: Edge of Attack, Reverbnation

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