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DCMS 82 Frozen Steel

Last one for the year, see you in the next.

You will hear:

  1. Sicadis: No Sympathy (USA, Clawhammer)
  2. Our Last Enemy: Pariah AD (Australia)
  3. To Leave a Trace: Reverse Invisible (Ukraine)
  4. Black Summer: Life (USA)
  5. Insidious Disease: Nuclear Salvation (Norway, Century Media)
  6. Throw The Goat: Southeast Bound (USA)
  7. Dragged into Sunlight: Part II (UK)
  8. Nidingr: Greatest of Deceivers (Norway, Indie Recordings)
  9. Aborted: Nailed through her C..t (Belgium, Century Media)
  10. Maveth: To Seed The Succubi (Finland, Clawhammer)
  11. Sons of Aeon: Enemy of The Souls (Finland, Lifeforce Records_
  12. Scar The Surface: Traveller (Australia)
  13. Anger as Art: Master Becomes the Slave (USA, Clawhammer)
  14. Breed 77: Drown (UK)
  15. God Seed: This from The Past (Norway, Indie Recordings)

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