DCMS 81 North Vs South

This time a North South Divide of music, and I’m letting you decide who wins, personally I like them all, I wouldn’t be playing them if I didn’t.

You will hear:
SiK: Snake Eyes, USA (Digital Media Records)Exalt Cycle: The Passing, ItalyExecration: The First Death, USASicadis: Voice of A Martyr, USA(Clawhammer)Overthrow: Sleeplessness Awaits, NorwayDestinity: Can’t Stand The Sight, France (Lifeforce)Black Cobra: Frozen Night, USAOur Last Enemy: Decoy, Australia Thrashed: Shit happens when you Party naked, AustraliaNot another Sequel, Just Another Prequel: 8 bit Superhero, AustraliaDarklight Corporation: Levitate, New ZealandKunvuk: Teeth Swallower, AustraliaMonsterworks: Unconditional Lie, New Zealand (Clawhammer)

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