DC 552 The Chills

This week, are we still here? Is this the last download on your mp3 player you will ever get based on mayan predictions? Well we’ll see. comments on last show but no “happy birthday” messages, oh well. The chills with the X Factor, and the lack of faith with the music industry, hence the reason for lack of news in the past few weeks. Drawing a line under getting gifts, there is always one or two more to get. No more. Tracks submitted to Amped for festive, best of and new year shows, check that out at MusicPodcasting.org, and of course vote for dave and caroline at The European Podcast Awards, every day.
The next few show are already done, so enjoy them, and I’ll see you in the new year (if we make it through the mayan apocalypse).

Picture: She Makes War by Laura Ward
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