DCMS 80 UK-less

This time, an hours worth of music from foreign lands, it’s not just about the progression of metal in the UK, but everywhere.
New some from new albums, old songs from old. Check out each and everyone of them.

Picture: Our Last Enemy

You will hear:
Hellveto: Zalobny Taniec, Poland (Prosthetics)Hellwell: Eaters of the Dead, USA (Shadow Kingdom Records, Clawhammer)Turbocharged: Christ Zero, Sweden (Clawhammer)Eugenic Death: Medication Time, USA (Clawhammer)Sybreed: God is an Automation, Switzerland (Clawhammer)Warseid: Frost Upon The Embers, USA (Clawhammer)Posthum: Red, Norway (indie Recordings)Destinity: Can’t Stand The Sight, France (Lifeforce)SiK: Razors Edge, USA (Digital Media Records)Our Last Enemy: Don’t Look Now, Australia Odium: Blue Channel, Canada Sicadis: Through These Eyes, USA(Clawhammer)Vesperia: When The Legends Die, Canada (Ashermedia)

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