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DCMS 79 Let Metal Ruin You

Over a hours worth of metal from around the world you would not have heard of. Thats what we do here at DCMS. Let Metal Ruin your life, you will never regret it!

Picture: Anaal Nathrakh (Polina Kulikovskikh)

You will hear:
Demoraliser: Eye To Eye, UK (SOAR)Zonaria: Silent Holocaust, Sweden (Listenable, Clawhammer)Tantara: Human Mutation, Norway (Indie Recordings)Planks: Funeral Mouth, Germany
Pteroglyph: Empathy, UK (SmasitPR)Phavian: Green Iris, USA
Schizoid: Out Of Reach, Canada (Promotnetics)Mortor: Eat Lead, Canada (Asher)Kamikaze Kings: I am The Law, Germany (DR-Music, Limited Access Records)Vulture Kult: Go Loose, Canada (Independent Music Promotions)Hirax: LaBoca, USA (Clawhammer)Yellowtooth: Soulstalker, USA (Clawhammer)Dead Harts: Smoke Wagons, UK (Transcend)Tensions Arise: In The Eye of Fire, Australia
Anaal Nathrakh: Todos Somos Humanos, UK (Candlelight)Black Summer: My Last Goodbye, USA
Maelstrom: A Futile Crusade, USA (Clawhammer)

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