DCMS 78 House of Centuries

Such a mix of music here this time, from melodic rock, to the Dark Corners of Ukrainian Forests – and with over 60 minutes of actual music, this is a bumper show.

Picture: Sybreed (Anthony Dubois)

You will hear:
Demoraliser: The House Always Wins, UK (SOAR)Kamikaze Kings: Saturday Night Hero, Germany (DR-Music, Limited Access Records)Ambassador Gun: Wounded Knee, USA (Prosthetic)Drag The Dead: The Final Desecration, USA (Clawhammer, New World Subculture Media)Suture: Escaping The Confines of My Skin, USA (Clawhammer, Soul Flesh Collector)Solace and Stable: American Beauty, USA (Clawhammer)Necroriser: Cleanse, UK
Imicus: The Marionette, UK (Transcend)Orestea: The Game, UK (Eight Zero)Slasher: Skeptic, Brazil
Monsterworks: Free Will, UK (Clawhammer, Mortal Music)Sybreed: No Wisdom Brings Solace, Switzerland (Clawhammer, Listenable)Elders: Riverbeds, USA (dreadwindrecords)Coredea: Mosquito, Australia
Khors: Wisdom of Centuries, Ukraine (Canglelight)

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