DCMS 77 Head Charge!

Back on the ground and running, getting your head down and rocking to some tunes from all around the world. Playing this loud as I’ve lost some hearing this week, join me!

Picture: Imicus

You will hear:
Marty Friedman: Paradise Express, Japan
Autre: Broken Wings, USA
I AM I: This is my Life
Vision of Disorder: Hard Times , USA
This or The Apocalypse: Kill’em with Guidance, USA
Tantara: Trapped in Bodies, Norway
Subjektive: R.D.M, Australia
Zonaria: Arrival of The Red Sun, Sweden
Marrok: Scream of The Forgotten, Austria
Waylander: Lamh Dearg, Northern Ireland
Auroch: Terra Akeldama, Canada
Imicus: Chameleons, UK
Scythia: Sailor’s Accolade, Canada

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