DCMS 76 4warned

This time, fore-armed is fore-warned, with news from Hammerfest, SOAR vs. Basick, and other fests going on.
Enjoyed the music from Bloodstock? I did.
Anyway, over an hour of tunes from around with one thing in common, they all rock!

Picture: 4arm (Nick Mahar Photography)

You will hear:
Embrace The Tide: Less We Forget, UK
4arm: Submission for Liberty, Australia
I AM I: Wasted Wonders
Malefice: Traitor To All You Know, UK
Marty Friedman: Simple Mystery, Japan
Autre: Over The Edge, USA
My Elysian: Never was Untrue, USA
Helgrind: Suicide Pact, UK
Vision of Disorder: Be Up On It, USA
Saturnian: Eternal Eclipse, UK
NanoWar: Metal-La-La-La, Italy
This or The Apocalypse: In Wolves, USA
Ad Patres: In Vivo, France
Revolting: The Black Queen, Sweden
Marrok: Before the Night is Falling Down, Austria

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