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DCMS 75 Rings of Metal

Im having to record this whilst people are sleeping. Anyway, from metal from around the world, this is an Olympic show here in London.
(and no, she didn’t wake up).

Photo: Olympic Rings 2012

You will hear:

Embrace The Tide: (Un)Forgiven, UK
Kamikaze Kings: Boys ‘n’ Men, Germany
Humangled: Intro – Needles, Italy
Fetus Stench: Brennkommando, Sweden
Makaria: Spire, USA
Titans Eve: Road To Ruin, Canada
In Element: Spiraling, Buenos Aires
Nechochwen: He Ya Ho Na, USA
Binah: Hallucinating In Resurrecture, UK
Infera Bruo: A Path Unwritten, USA
Malefice: A World Deceased, UK

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