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DCMS 74 Bust Up and Bloody

Had a break, but now Im back.
Making these shows 90 minutes long can be taxing, but I love all the music thats being sent to me, and I must get it out to you, my lovely listeners. Check out other shows like Erk FM’s Metal Monday, and for something a little less heavy Euterpia Radio Rock.
Rumours of my retirement are greatly exaggerated.

Photo: Amodus

You will hear:

Saturnian: Into Etherea, UK
Devilish Impressions: Lilith, Poland
Skinbound: The Crucible, USA
Odium: Insomnia, Canada
Purified in Blood: Iron Hands, Norway
Power Theory: Deceiver, USA
Edge of Paradise: Gears of Insanity, Australia
Goathanger: Mortem Autopsy, Australia
Core Device: Revelations, USA
The Reticent: Enemy, USA
Amodus: Smokescreen, Australia
Katana: No Surrender, Sweden
Moonloop: Beginning of the End, Spain
Fetus Stench: By Butchery Divorced, Sweden

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