DC 531 The New Voice

This week, dealing with a bored teenager is no fun, so I’ve invited her onto the show. Travelling down from North Wales with kitten in tow was interesting. Another Doctor’s companion dies, Romana – Aka Mary Tamm, Russell Brand honours Steve Jobs by stealing and smashing someone elses iphone, and The Voice Season 2, without Tom Jones and Jessie J? Lotte and I discuss the options or other judges.

Picture: The Glitch Mob

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DC 530 Voldersport & Minkies

This week, The IOC, a bunch of Minkies, and the clusterfk that is the UK, when The UK Border Control, will close the day before The Voldersport.
A good thing though, if you want it and are in Africa, watch it on You Tube.
Other things of course are happening during the Summer 2012 events (!), and thats The Formula One event in the UK (I think), and I and one other member of the family might hit The Proms, at least that culture.
Sweden like Spotify, with Sales increase in the country by 30%. Good. More angst and fury over the London 2012 events next week. Tune in for more vitriol.

Picture: Sound Assembly

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DCMS 74 Bust Up and Bloody

Had a break, but now Im back.
Making these shows 90 minutes long can be taxing, but I love all the music thats being sent to me, and I must get it out to you, my lovely listeners. Check out other shows like Erk FM’s Metal Monday, and for something a little less heavy Euterpia Radio Rock.
Rumours of my retirement are greatly exaggerated.

Photo: Amodus

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