A dark flight from The USA and Canada, to the dark forests of Bergen in Norway and the Black Tulips of The Netherlands, this show gets around, and your listening does too.

Photo: Oblivious Signal

You will hear:

Sythia: Voice of The Sword, Canada
Sathanas: Forged in Eternal Fire, USA
Mystic Syntax: Let It Change, USA
Oblivious Signal: Death Becomes My Friend, USA
Laster: In levenskolken, in dadenstorm, Netherlands
Stalwart: Corrosion, Russian Federation
Lakei: Despot, Norway
Reverence: The Descent, France
All Shall Perish: El Pasado Nos Perseguira, USA
Begrime Exemious: Chasm to Obscurity, Canada
Vesperian Sorrow: Relics of The Impure, USA

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