DC 527 Bastard Wellies

This week, Post Podcrawl blues, and a skin full to many. Podcrawl was good, but I might a mentioned something I shouldn’t. Check out Amped, and Made in The UK Show this week. Hitting at the doldrums. Is podcasting dead? new podcast apps help? – not for indies. Raise a Bastard’s Lager to Motorhead! Did you have fun at The Isle of Wight Festival? Grow up, buy a decent pair of wellies.
Jay, a like long listener is doing a charity skate – 100 miles in a day for a worth cause, check out Jay Skates for more information and to donate.

Picture: Belladonna

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DC 526 Close to the Heart

This week, keeping head down and dealing with my eldest’s birthday, who is 18 by the way. Dealing with the news that Jack Osbourne diagnosed with MS, something close to my heart, well brain. More information about MS can be got at The MS Society.
A School Dinners Blog raises money for childrens charity after being blocked by local council, the power of social media, and the Voice UK Tour cancelled, which confirms that the record industry have no interest in live music.
Don’t forget, Saturday is Podcrawl, don’t forget The Twitter hashtag #podcrawl


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DC 525 The Brand Police

This week, recommended to me by Last.FM is the running theme this week. Second attempt at recording, and getting mixed up. Move to Canada, emails about why I want to move, and socials to Last FM and Reverbnation, maybe Tumblr? Who uses that?
Zappa catalogue to be re-released. Apple to drop Ping, I liked Ping – pity they didn’t work on it. Sports Pubs in trouble in London by The Brand Police, removing “the games that shall not be named” advertisements because of licensing. Movie Makers still have no imagination, this time Robocop. Looking forward to Podcrawl which is only a week away.

Picture: Nordic Giants

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