DC 521 Up Down Left Right

This week, bleeding eyeballs make people squeal. Don’t forget Podcrawl, more and more coming!
Up and down, left and Right this week – I don’t know what to do. Sick of the olympics, and the Torch Relay. 6music winning awards, good, I like that. Punks still pissed at the Queen, the paralells of ’77 and ’12 are uncanny, and I don not like that Iron Sky gets a one day only release in the UK, and I can’t make it!
I screw up the end of the show, but you expect that kind of thing from me don’t you?
Just as I was putting this to bed, The BBC reported that Donna Summer had passed at the age of 63 years young. So much for a slow news week.

Picture: Daniel Land & The Modern Painters

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DC 520 Rocky Riding

This week, a weighty package arrives, with a glass trophy. Thanks to the EPA, looking forward to Podcrawl too! Does Brian Warner (Marilyn Manson) deserve a Grammy?, nah! Rhys Hutchins of Goldie Looking Chain voted in as Labour councillor in Newport. Turnaround of electorl seat, but Boris Johnson keeps his in London. Romanian Police feel up collar of naked bike passenger, because she was not wearing a helmet. Recording AMPed this week, so stay tuned for that.
Picture: Barbe-Q-Barbies, by Nauska

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The Glass is IN

Having won the prestigious National Winner Award this year at The European Podcast Awards, I was not expecting a huge piece of glass to arrive at my desk, just the DVR.
When it arrived with the glass award I was very surprised, and happy. That will last forever.
I’d again like to thank everyone who voted for me, and in fact other podcasters too, who also encouraged their listeners to listen to me and vote.
The Olympus DM-670, is small and compact – and with 8GB of storage onboard, I’m sure Im going to get lots of great content at this summers Podcrawl. Anyone coming, please don’t be surprised if I shove my bright shiny gadget in front of you for a chat.