DC 521 Up Down Left Right

This week, bleeding eyeballs make people squeal. Don’t forget Podcrawl, more and more coming!
Up and down, left and Right this week – I don’t know what to do. Sick of the olympics, and the Torch Relay. 6music winning awards, good, I like that. Punks still pissed at the Queen, the paralells of ’77 and ’12 are uncanny, and I don not like that Iron Sky gets a one day only release in the UK, and I can’t make it!
I screw up the end of the show, but you expect that kind of thing from me don’t you?
Just as I was putting this to bed, The BBC reported that Donna Summer had passed at the age of 63 years young. So much for a slow news week.

Picture: Daniel Land & The Modern Painters

You will hear:

Lettie: Lucky, UK
Sinerider: Someday I’ll Be, USA
Men Who Listen: Bad Days, USA
Cancer Killing Gemini: Catholic School, USA
Molotov Jukebox: I Need It, UK
Rebecca Pidgeon: Get Up, Get Out, USA
Sam Page: Lottery, USA
Unquiet Nights: Someone’s Love on Drugs, Ireland
Daniel Land and The Modern Painters: Eyes Wide Shut, UK
You Shriek: Pearly-Dewdrops Drops, USA
Sleepmakeswaves: Keep Your Splendid Silent Sun, Australia

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