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DCMS 69 Oooeerr

Back from a holiday jaunt only to find music collection gone. Never mind, at least my metal friends are good for another episode or two, and watching favourite and new bands (to me) is all so much more fun. Thanks to Erk FM Metal Monday for the dedication. Fourteen thundering tracks this time around from all around the world, enjoy.
Photo: Junius/Wolves Like Us Drumkit

You will hear:

Fisthammer: Kull The Conqueror, USA
Avenger: Dusevni Chirurgie, Czech Republic
Heart of a Coward: Around a Girl in 80 days, UK
Viking Skull: Fire, UK
Mencea: The Dead, Greece
Reverence: The Descent, France
Revel in Flesh: Culpa et Inferna, Germany
Tribune: The Succubus, Canada
Neuronspoiler: Cataclysm, UK
Nothing Sacred: No Rest, USA
Shaped by Fate: Crimson Pig, Wales
The Charm The Fury: The Social Meltdown, Netherlands
Wolves Like Us: Secret Handshakes, Norway
Junius: Betray The Grave, USA

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