DC 523 Curxe you Sun

This week, Sun, Sun Sun, oh how a hate thee. Lets move to Norway. Using Spotify to promote our artists, good idea? Are you a spotify user? My prediction for Eurovision failed, but so did Engelbert Humperdinck.Bieber Under investigation over an assault. He’s a wet lettuce. BBC mistake Halo Logo as one for the UN Security Council, a boost for Halo, or a firing for a researcher? The Association of Music Podcasting are planning a new sampler release. Are you a downloader or do you like physical CDs?

Picture: Curxes.

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DCMS 71 Five fingers of Viking

This time around: Interview with Viking Skull under the influence, and I get so many bloody names wrong it’s like I’m stupid. Still enjoy an hours worth of Rock, Metal and tom-foolery you come to expect from this here little humble podcast.
Photo: Viking Skull

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DarkCompass Cookie Policy

There is a new EU policy requesting that websites divulge what it keeps of your information, and what is stored in cookies of you and this website on your computer.

To conform to this, this a just a little note that we do not keep anything on you here at DarkCompass, and the only information in the cookie is when you visited the site. Not mind blowing stuff.

We feel that if you turn off cookies it makes no difference to your experience on this website.

The BBC have a news article here, if you want some more information about this bit of overinflated silliness.

So I care not. Do as you wish, and enjoy.