DCMS 67 Metal Beer

Unexpecting location for recoding this show, as it’s the easter break, eating warm chocolate and drinking beer in Wales, still does not stop a show from happening, with great music and an unexpected co-host.

Photo: Meshuggah

You will hear:

Chopstick Suicide: The Chalk and The Matter, Turkey
Aura Noir: Withheld, Norway
Heart of a Coward: Around a Girl (in 80 days), UK
Fester:Metalized, Norway
Hawkwind: Death Trap, UK
Insense: Alone in a Crowd, Norway
The Cold Rush: 10,000 Miles, Germany
Inure: The Mind Killer, USA
Djerv: Only I Exist, Norway
Meshuggah: I am Colossus, Sweden
Kruger: Villians, Switzerland
Resporn: Solace, New Zealand
Nocturnal Torment: They Come at Night, Switzerland
Pigeon Toe: The First Perception, Germany

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