DC 512 A Promise to Rock!

This week, recorded early, and in your ears early this time. Getting things together. News that the announcement for the EPA will be tomorrow. Miserable week will bring on great weekends. Kiss to open a golf course, a mini one, people stealing directly from Sony the back catalogue of Michael Jackson? who does that anymore? More Wifi in UK pubs, good for beer drinking podcasters I say. The Voice UK Vs. Britiains Got Talent, will you be watching, and The Pure Rawk Awards 2012: who were the winners. Next year I promise to attend. Promise.

Picture: Jonny and The A Grades, photo by A Secret Picnic

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DC 511 Work Before Play

This week, a crisis of faith with Podcasting. Moving from Google to something better. Streaming not paying. iPad theft leads to huge meth bust. I watch Breaking Bad, you should too. More music people go, this time Robert Sherman, Rush Limbaugh Vs. Sandra Fluke, and the exodus of supporters for him, including Peter Garbriel, and Headphone outsell Speakers, not surprising the amount of headphones my kids get through.

Picture: God Robots

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DC 510 Pond Jumping

This week, recovered, but tired. Overworked maybe? Not a thrilling week. Minion Jay reported about the imperialism of EA Games on The Game Shops here in the UK, one of the last bastions of the High Street, the loss of Davy Jones. The ahem, Olympics Good for UK Music? and the weird world of the record industry, Adele being the biggest selling artist in the UK AND the most illegally downloaded. Public domain literature spawns remakes of Sherlock both here is the UK, and The USA with Jonny Lee Miller, take off or nose dive.

Picture: Ink Project

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