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DCMS 66 Hammerfest 4

Still recovering, ears still ringing, liver still recovering. Drunkenness. Everybody having fun, possible disaster averted, tattoos by George Astrix, trust and respect to everyone there.

So Metal, Tattoos and Beer – a successful festival, bring on next year!

You will hear:

Arthemis: Scars on Scars, Italy
Evile: Eternal Empire, UK
Evil Scarecrow: Hell Dog, UK
Chimaira: Year of The Snake, USA
Anthrax: I am The Law, USA
Collapse: Forsaken, UK
Ravenface: The Ressurection, UK
Avenger: Before Storm, UK
AR: The Trade, UK
Dream Evil: Fire! Battle! in Metal!, Sweden
Amon Amarth: Guardians of Asgard, Sweden
Paradise Lost: Missing, UK
Skindred: Cut Dem, UK

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