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DCMS 65 On Your Marks

All ready and raring to go for Hammerfest next week, so a blast of bands, that are NOT going to be there, from all around the world.

Picture: Djerv, photo by Jørn Veberg

You will hear:

The Wretched End: Cold Iron Soul, Norway
Massive Assault: Finished Sympathy, Netherlands
King: Kill The Posers like Fucking Christians, USA
Erevos: Erinyes, Greece
Decode: Before We Burn, UK
Everybody Panic!: When it all Burns, USA
Katana: Phoenix on Fire, Brazil
Sarah Jezebel Deva: The World won’t Hold your Hand, UK
Crusades: Anchors, USA
Sanctus Nosferatu: Astareia, Azores
Pigeon Toe: The Man With The Cat, Denmark
Desultor: Masters of Hate, Sweden
Djerv: Madman, Norway
Outcast: Elements, France

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