DC 514 Olympic Apocalypse

This week, I’m calm cool and collected, not like the freakish weather we’re having. Getting to see live music again in London, and keeping my head down ready for The Olympics, really not looking forward to that. A Susan Boyle musical, so soon? Better off going to the states with that me thinks. A fantastic summer killing zombies, might just be ahead of me, if I can convince some people.

Picture: Stomacher

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DC 513 Winning

This week, The European Podcasts Award, Hammerfest and more DarkCompass tattoos on other people, I should get everyone done. Liked The Hit Factory?, well here’s a concert just for you, Simon Cowell to axe X-Factor?, yes please, so much the better for independent music, and a road filled with Porn DVDs, no one so far has claimed them. Getting them off the residents might be an issue.
Thanks again so much for voting for me at the EPA, Best Personality in the UK, and Second in the whole of Europe. Again it could not happen without you my listeners, sorry minions.

Picture: Cabaret Grey

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