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DCMS 64 Thrashing Math

Feeling sorry for myself this week after drunken injuries. Still some great tunes to get me through though, metal from all around the world.

Picture: Izegrim

You will hear:

Dead Cells: Here Be Dragons, UK
Beneath The Massacre: Left Hand, Canada
System Divide: (N)ether, Israel
Corrosion of Conformity: Newness, USA
Ravenface: The Resurrection, UK
Ichor: More Victims, Germany
The Wretched End: Death By Nature, Norway
Massive Assault: Cycle of Violence, Netherlands
Tornado: Hate Worldwide, Netherlands
Izegrim: Deathstrip, Netherlands
Erevos: Kerveros, Greece
Nocturnal Torment: Cycle of Life, USA
Gojira: Yama’s Messengers, France

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