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DCMS 63 Anger Management

I am angry, and the only way to relieve this is listen to metal as loud as I can. I hope this helps your anger management too. Why Metal calms the beast with, I have yet to work out. It works.

Picture: Dunderbeist

You will hear:

Funeral Whore: Step into Damnation, Netherlands
Dunderbeist: La Guerre Du Feu, Norway
Ribozyme: Downside Advantage, Norway
Edge of Darkness: Mask, USA
Neuroma: Dingoes ate my Baby, UK
Shear: Scorched, Sweden
Evil Scarecrow: Sixty Six Minutes past Six, UK
Dead Cells: Painkiller, UK
Annular: The Death of You, Wales
Monument: Fatal Attack, UK
Bloodwrath: Persecution, UK
Limbonic Art: A World in Pandemonium, Norway
No Made Sense: The Epillanic Choragi, UK
Sykosapian: Devils Eye, Australia
On Top: Fire Down Below, USA
4Backwoods: Don’t You Think So, Germany

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