DC 507 Love and a Hard Place

This week, close to Valentines means lots of love songs here on darkcompass, what? who? Yes, the all seem to fit together these songs. Normality returns next week.
iLike are no more, one of the first music aggregators bites the dust. Spotify are losing artists, and the The Music Industry are starting to see dividends with iTunes Match.
ReDigi are battling it out with the labels. How to you re-sell digital downloads?
Brits departed for tweeting stupid things, irony fail and don’t believe everything you read on twitter, really.
I don’t condone people shagging about on Valentines Day and getting underage people pregnant, just in case you think I’m a jerk.

Picture: Heart Cake, by Lily Vanilli

You will hear:
Neely: You and Me, USA
Rosie Thomas: Songbird, USA
Jess Penner: Bring me the Sunshine, USA
William Ritzsimmons: Beautiful Girl, USA
This is Lizzard: Wake Up and Dream, USA
Die So Fluid: What A Heart is For, USA
Der Horst: Black Hair, Germany
Spellbound Dazzle: In My Room, Italy
Cancer Killing Gemini: In Nine Months I’m Fucked, USA
77: High Decibels, Spain

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