DCMS 62 On The Edge

As I said twice a month I think, and I only just scraped this in by the skin of my teeth.

Picture: Shear, by Tage Rönnqvist

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You will hear:

Nekromantheon: Blood Wisdom, Norway
Grand Rezerva: Badlands, Sweden
The Re∆ction: The Network, Chile
77: (Gotta Go) Gotta Hit The Road, Spain
Edge of Paradise: Thrown it all Away, USA
Wykked Wytch: When The Sleepers Rise, USA
Coldworker: Flesh World, Sweden
Ion Vein: Anger Inside, USA
Shear: The Awaking, Finland
Stéphan Forté: De Praestigiis Daemonum, France
Inferion: Withering Dieties, USA
Everything Went Black: Kingdoms, USA
Thunderkraft: Totentanz, Ukraine

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