DCMS 61 Name Twiddling

A new year, and new metal from all four corners of the world.
Labels have been sterling getting new music to me three months before it’s in the shops. Loving it.
Another show very soon, but for now have a hours worth of great rock and metal from Japan, Norway, USA, France, UK, Canada, Australia and South Africa.

Picture: We Die Tonight

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You will hear:

Hellish Outcast: Genocide, Norway
Panzer Bastard: Gods, Thugs and Mad Men, USA
Molotov Solution: The Blood of Tyrants, USA
We Die Tonight: Dancing with Daggers, UK
Sigh: Equale, Japan
Ion Dissonanace: This is the last time I repeat myself, Canada
Circles: Act III, Australia
As They Burn: Aeon’s War, France
Chimp Spanner: Dark Age of Technology, UK
The Arusha Accord: The Resurgent, UK
4Q : Sex, Drugs, Rock and Roll, South Africa

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