DC 505 Sandy Bottoms

This week, dull and not feeling great, no sleep, wanting the summer. Glitter Tweet a fake, a social exercise apparently. New Zealand Girl sells space on bottom for tattoo, and makes reserve! More thoughts on IPTV and Netflix/Lovefilm. Beach Volleyball the most popular sport for UK politians for Olympics, but no sand on the Thames, and Porn industry fined for not supplying staff with condoms. Protective equipment is a must, and new ride a little too dangerous when test dummies return with no limbs!

Picture: Scofferlane

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DC 504 Glittering Space Monkeys

This week, fixing things, and having a good feeling about it. Sopa and Pipa, policies against piracy, but effects liberties. The capsized cruiseliner and the stupid captain, Choking yourself to get a fix?, how screwed up is that? Famous kiddie fiddler, Gary Glitter announces come back tour. Netflix launches in the UK, much disappointment, and Ed Sherran up for lots of Brit Awards, good luck to him.

Picture: Cancer Killing Gemini

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DCMS 61 Name Twiddling

A new year, and new metal from all four corners of the world.
Labels have been sterling getting new music to me three months before it’s in the shops. Loving it.
Another show very soon, but for now have a hours worth of great rock and metal from Japan, Norway, USA, France, UK, Canada, Australia and South Africa.

Picture: We Die Tonight

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