DCMS 60 Year End Blast

Last Metal show of the year with a bumper crop of old and new. Music from Nephelium, Kvelertak, Six Hour Sundown, Throneum, Blaze of Perdition, Raventale, Stillborn, Hello Jackie, The Dying Reflex, Hot Graves, Hawk Eyes, Machinergy, Demoraliser, Animals as Leaders, Burzum, Deprivation, October File, CJ Sleez and Daniel Szany

Last Metal show of the year with a bumper crop of old and new.
What do you want? Blood? Well, you got it, and beer too!

See you next year!

Picture: CJ Sleez

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You will hear:

Nephelium: Merciless Annihilation, UAE
Kvelertak: Fossegrim, Norway
Six Hour Sundown: Jekyll & Hyde, UK
Throneum: In Blasphemy, Poland
Blaze of Perdition: Gospel of The Serpent’s Kin, Poland
Raventale: These Days of Sorrow, Ukraine
Stillborn: Diamonds of The Last Winter, Poland
Hello Jackie: Sick, Ireland
The Dying Reflex: Behold The Eve of Ruin, UK
Hot Graves: F.O.A.D., USA
Hawk Eyes: Witch Hunt, UK
Machinergy: Innergy, Poland
Demoraliser: Bitter Springs, UK
Animals As Leaders: Weightless, USA
Burzum: Lord of The Depths, Norway
Aghast!: We Fear Silence, UK
Deprivation: Blood Money, Australia
October File: High Octane Climate Changer, UK
CJ Sleez: Back from Nowhere, USA
Daniel Szany: Memories, USA
Sahg: Mortify, Norway

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