DCMS 60 Year End Blast

Last Metal show of the year with a bumper crop of old and new.
What do you want? Blood? Well, you got it, and beer too!

See you next year!

Picture: CJ Sleez

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You will hear:

Nephelium: Merciless Annihilation, UAE
Kvelertak: Fossegrim, Norway
Six Hour Sundown: Jekyll & Hyde, UK
Throneum: In Blasphemy, Poland
Blaze of Perdition: Gospel of The Serpent’s Kin, Poland
Raventale: These Days of Sorrow, Ukraine
Stillborn: Diamonds of The Last Winter, Poland
Hello Jackie: Sick, Ireland
The Dying Reflex: Behold The Eve of Ruin, UK
Hot Graves: F.O.A.D., USA
Hawk Eyes: Witch Hunt, UK
Machinergy: Innergy, Poland
Demoraliser: Bitter Springs, UK
Animals As Leaders: Weightless, USA
Burzum: Lord of The Depths, Norway
Aghast!: We Fear Silence, UK
Deprivation: Blood Money, Australia
October File: High Octane Climate Changer, UK
CJ Sleez: Back from Nowhere, USA
Daniel Szany: Memories, USA
Sahg: Mortify, Norway

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