DC 490 Suffer the Minion

This week, cannot get motivated. My predictions for XFactor 2011, and a charity single, even though their audience is down by 2 million this year. Will the Avengers be any good?, Sony again suffer with hacking, what the problem? Sort it.
An experiment with a famous voilinist, Joshua Bell busking outside a bus station. An experiment in music. Do you appreciate buskers? You should. Think about Show 500 – I know that it’s 10 weeks away. (Oh and the film I forgot, it was Source Code

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Picture: Brooke Waggoner

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DC 489 Hand Over Fist

This week, the loss of a great musician, Bert Jansch, and a great innovator, Steve Jobs.

Big artists, using Pledge Music, to get money to produce. Proves record industry are shafting artists? No, they give pointless awards to them, like the one they recently gave to Queen.
Meet Dr. Minogue. Avatar 2, might take 12 years to make, Human Centipede 2 gets it’s 18 UK rating, and The CEO of Miramax blames Apple, not Piracy for the loss of revenue to the movie industry.
Movies Companies and Record Labels make money Hand over fist, to the detriment of the creators. Get a grip.

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Picture: Julia’s Window, by Jarno Koskinen

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DCMS 56 Longer and Harder

I’ve been getting lots of emails and comment saying you want a longer show – so this time I’m doing my best with 21 songs and over 2 hours of show. I hope this is satisfying, I don’t want my listeners to be left still wanting and gagging for more.
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Picture: The Dirty Youth

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