Want some more, well here some more great metal from around the world. Well over an hours of worth, label submissions and some direct from the artists. Be sure to submit your tunes to me via the email or upload via the submit page.

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Picture: Animals As Leaders

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You will hear:

FireWolfe: Back From Hell, USA
Night in Gales: Whiteout, Germany
Vision: Attentive: Reverie, UK
Novel of Sin: Alone Through The Tides, Italy
Blinder: Faces of REality, Cuba
I Divide: The Arrival, UK
Sanctorum: All We Are, UK
Clouds in Contrast: Lets Shake Hands on Ruin, UK
Bisonhammer: Better Off Dead, UK
Animals as Leaders: Isolated Incidents, USA
Elimination: Echoes of an Unclear Past, UK
Karbonsoul: Bleeding Sorrow, Portugal
Hot Graves: Desecration Time, USA
Calrisian: Miami, UK

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