DCMS 55 Long Time No See

A long time between shows, and I promised I would not do this. I cannot apologise enough. Maybe some great music will be penance enough for my sins against DCMS.
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Picture: The Greenery

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You will hear:

The Living Fields: When The Walls Go Down, USA
Subjektive: Coward, Australia
Ampora: The Great Dissapearance, USA
The Greenery: Highest, USA
Reism: Make Me Feel, Norway
Hackneyed: Feed The Lions, Germany
Heart in Hand: Only Memories, UK
All Else Fails: This world in Flames, Canada
Falloch: To Walk Amongst the Dead, Scotland
Ichor: Conquest of Darkness, Germany
Redrum: Cancer in the Machine, USA
White Arms of Athena: Creationed, USA
Ash Lee Blade: Hellhound, USA
TRC: Go Hard or Go Home, UK

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