DC 482 Karaoke Riot

This week, back from minibreak, glad that the flat is unscathed from the London Unrest. Becoming a Karaoke King, and the odd “buzz”. Indie Labels devastated by burning of distribution center during riots, people making alternative downloads, like Bjork, and her new release. People need Broadband, especially in the Outer Hebrides. David Bowie, who has not been seen live since 2006 has retired, according to his biographer. Some other people I should mention should retire – eh Bono? Weird foreign driving laws released to unwary UK drivers this summer, including women not allowed to drive in a dressing gown in California. WTF?
Erkcrawl is this weekend, with a few beers in London with podcasters from UK and Australia. Follow it on twitter using hashtag #podcrawl

Picture: Ladytron

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You will hear:
Tragic O’Hara: Dead Man Walking, Scotland
Ladytron: White Elephant, UK
The Steals: Golden, UK
Drop Alive: Riot or Rot, Italy
Melodramus: Halo, USA
Silent Smiles: Coven of Witches
Cry Wolf: The Home We Made, USA
Last Winter: Neptune, USA


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