DCMS 54 Growlers and Prog

This time around, some great music from around the UK, USA and Europe.
Been listening to a lot of prog and growlers in the past couple of weeks, and I think that has come through with this show, my apologies if that does not suit, you can always go and listen somewhere else. No, I’m kidding – stay tuned, there is always a lot here for you to hear.
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Picture: Evile

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You will hear:

Evile: Eternal Empire
Foundry Road: Hide & Seek
Izegrim: Victim of Honor
Bury The Silence: In Darkness Exhume
Terakai: Divinity Restored
Dead And Dying: Shallow
Fatality: victim of The Dead
Dripback: Hold Your Horses
Enslaved: The Sleeping Gods (Free Download)
Faces of Bayon: Where The Golden Road Ends


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