DC 478 Normality Schnormality

This week, back to normal? Yeah right! Thought I would do this instead of the mixtape, I had time. Now we are Six. The noise of RAF Valley at first hand, salmon fetching, and media fibs. The European Podcast Awards are starting again, and I want to win. You can make it happen. VOTE NOW!. Andy Parfitt, the man who has steered BBC Radio 1 in the right direction for 13 years, is leaving. The Murdoch Pie Incident, Roger Daltrey has a go at U2, and The Government, good on him. Boba Fett to get own movie, Pirates 5 and Alien 5 . Movie imagination breakdown.

Picture: Xavier & Ophelia

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You will hear:

  1. Last Recorded Summer, by Xavier & Ophelia, USA
  2. Films (CeLt IsLaM Rendition), by Gary Numan, UK
  3. Let Me Show You (A Drug Symphony in Two Parts), by Deathboy, UK
  4. Help The Bombardier, by Cat Gut, UK
  5. Hello, Yes, by 3KStatic, USA
  6. Head Clamp, by Save The Vulture, Wales
  7. Don’t Need Nobody, by Trevor Sewell, USA
  8. Rituals, by God Module, USA
  9. You are Dead (To Me), by Kites, UK


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