DC 473 Head Back and Sparrow

SparrowA steady week, with some great tunes dropped to me. Distortion can be good. Take That audience, not there for the music, they are there for drink, drugs, arrests and hospitalisation. Obviously drawing the wrong element.
Duke Nukem, can you have a sexist misogynist womaniser? people are not happy with new outing.
Anal Cunt vocalist Seth Putnam dies from heart attack at 43, Scissor Sisters writing songs for Fraggle Rock Movie, who wants to see that? and Doncaster Rovers Mascot sacked for sexy photos for charity, no logic there Rovers!
Picture: Sparrow

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DC 472 – Back in the Black

This Week, Black in the Black with listening to Live music, feeling good about the up and coming gigs. Welcome, again to Traxx Radio People. Explicit tagging music, it’s been around a while, but more people want more done. Good, bad, or does it matter? Human Centipede 2 ban here in the UK, director wants to make the sickest movie ever. Has he with this one, especially as noone is going to be able to watch it. The web does not break with IPv6 day, and Internet User botherer ACS:Law goes bankrupt, not the right way of brining justice to the internet, obviously. Some great music from artists from around the world, with music ahead of it’s time.
Picture: Klaryssa, of Chamber of Echoes

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DC 471 Era of Traxx

BelladonnaThis week, The first show for Traxx Radio, welcome. No change to the show I promise. Watching a bit of live music, extra things on the extra feed if anyone fancies. Some new artist and some old ones too. A John Martyn tribute CD to be release with some great names like Snow Patrol and Robert Smith of The Cure attending, AC/DC calms sharks, always good for the life of the Great Barrier Reef, In the light of Copyright change A scottish woman charged with illegal downloading Kareoke Music, are you any good at singing? and Torchwood to remain sexy, despite being funded by yanks.

Picture: Belladonna

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