DCMS 52 Miscalculated

illuminatusThis time it me at the helm, with a new tattoo, and a new bunch of metal masterpieces for your ears. This is show 52, not 51 as some of you might think. I talk about festivals and the demise of people of metal this week.

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You will hear:

  1. Dear Insanity, by Asking Alexandra, UK
  2. Lights Out, by Charetta, USA
  3. Midnight, by NovaGreen, France
  4. Glasnost, by Illuminatus, UK
  5. Elsewhere, but for the giving, by Talanas, UK
  6. Lady Death, by Arsenic Addition, USA
  7. America (Fuck Yeah), by Sin Theorum, USA
  8. Whiskey, Dope and Sluts,by Anal Cunt, USA
  9. Kill shot, by A Million miles from Broadway, USA
  10. Crowning the Abomination, by Ingested, UK
  11. The Facts, by Trap Them, USA


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