DC 475 Emergency Redux

CSSThis week, panic in the Datacenters of London, hot and balmy London. Glad U2 didn’t ruin Glasto. Weekend spent clearing out garden, need to clear out house now. Norwegian Diplomats being schooled in Black Metal, a great export, Pixar working on Toy Story 4, according to the Cowboys mouth, Tom Hanks. Do they need more money after TS3 making $1bn? Gordon Ramsey is no movie artist, as film flops with only 17 watchers at premier. Myspace sold for less than a tenth of the previous buying purchase to Specific Media, lets see if they can revive this sinking ship, and encouraging Creative Commons with Cory Doctorow, a good thing. I had a recent request to syndicate the show to a firm that provides music to shops for a fee, I declined. This show will be free for all, for as long as I make it. Thats a promise.

Picture: CSS, by Roberta Ridolfi

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DC 474 Paradise Denied

Killing for CompanyThis week, coming down with another summer cold, and a new tattoo. Demise of Ryan Dunn, only 34 years young. EMI now up for sale, can you afford a record company with £3.4 billion in debt? Not in the spirit of Glastonbury. U2 to have their own stage, not using the legendary Pyramid Stage as everyone else will. At least someone stands up to them, Edge gets shutdown over Paradise Mailbu building project. Spotify to hit the US?, and hitting Pandora and iTunes in the Process, and 20,000 go to hospital after falling out of bed, what the hell?
Picture: Killing for Company

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DCMS 52 Miscalculated

illuminatusThis time it me at the helm, with a new tattoo, and a new bunch of metal masterpieces for your ears. This is show 52, not 51 as some of you might think. I talk about festivals and the demise of people of metal this week.

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DCX Classical Experiment

A musical thought, there are not that many classical music podcasts, so this is one. If it goes down well, I might continue with this genre specific show, as for the most part, classical music is in the public domain, it;s the performances themselves which are hard to come by. All the music in the show is either provided by IODA Promonet, or creative commons releases on Archive.org.

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