DCMS 51 Sweet Thirteen

titans eveA big mix tape of thirteen tracks this time around, I’ll do better next time honest.

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You will hear:

  1. Chemical Marketplace, by Evan Russell Saffer
  2. The Wolf Pack, by Satyricon
  3. Doom, Gloom, Heartache & Whiskey, by Viking Skull
  4. Amok, Entombed
  5. God Save Us, by Ill Nino
  6. Unite to Defy, by Xerath
  7. Crossing The Line, by Mind Mirror
  8. A Crash Course In Strategic Dismemberment, by Disarm
  9. The Forgotten, by Quimera Music
  10. Tides of Doom, by Titans Eve
  11. Into The Great Nothing, by Wolverine
  12. Metal and Beer, by Aceldama
  13. Thy Revelation, by Kamlath


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