DC 466 Taxi anyone?

KooqlaThis week, a mixed bag. Easter weekends, driving over 100 miles each day ferrying around kids.
Sunny and warm, wet and windy, Royal weddings. RIP Elisabeth Sladen and Poly Styrene.
Tescos and blinkbox, two good things get together.
The Tube revival?, nah, but there is something missing music wise.
More thoughts on Podcrawl in May.
Apologies for the buzz through out me talking (if you can hear it).
Picture: Kooqla

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DC 464 Sun Brain Drain

4starmaryThis week, nice bright weather in the UK, draining everyone energy, including mine.Co Hosting Amped was cool with Dan from Rathole Radio.
Talking of weather, Dubai plan to make artificial clouds for the 2022 Olympics. Banned for being naked in his own house, Do we really want Red Dwarf back?
David Byrne gives Floria Governor a road to nowhere over his songs use, and Japan shakes again.
Picture: Four Star Mary

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DC 463 Friday Fail

PajomaThis week, Big internet fail at Cutler Towers, so bear with us whilst doing this show as all internet investigation done my mobile phone. Again aided by home made wine, this time Blackberry! Birthday treats. The death of The Daily Sport, A company keeping in their traditions, Nude Female Web Coders, Next Gen Radio Needs You, no not you, just your money, and Keanu confirms Bill and Ted 3.
Picture: Panjoma

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