DC 462 Fortified Kookaburra

Bowling For SoupThis week, a nightmare, but supported by homemade wine. Getting the live bug again and giving it to other members of the family.
MySpace loses more and more users, Men at Work lose their appeal, against Girl Scouts over Down Under Song. Not good for them or EMI.
BBC Online goes down, for an hour, some license payers want their money back, some thought it was an Anonymous attack, others the UK government, and big radio site is up for all at radioplayer.co.uk, does it work outside the UK. Let me know what you think.
Burlesque beauties strip and read Oscar Wilde for onlookers. It encourages reading, really.
Picture: Bowling For Soup

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DC 461 Fugly Ignorance

Madison Square GardenersThis week, back to some kind of normality.
Fugly mood over the past few days, not sure why. Libyan Conflict on my mind, with the UK having all these cutbacks, there is still money to bomb people.
Decca to sell Royal Wedding, on iTunes. Bono ignored when he tried to give away free CDs. Obviously he did not have his glasses on.
On the large side? Don’t have sex.
Wuthering F*****g Heights, the loss of Dame Liz Taylor, and how I’d like to die.
No more advertising on DarkCompass, and the management of Britcaster has changed, to yours truly, check it out.

Picture: The Madison Square Gardeners

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