DCMS January 2011

Sext Sonar A new year, I want to know what you think. I do not get enough feedback. I’m encouraging bands to promote their last.fm, reverbnation and the music based social networks, like Metal Tome. A different, non-death metal show this month, I hope you like it.
Photo: Sexto Sonar by Carlos J. Ruiz G.

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DarkCompass 453 Keanu-nu-nu-nu

Rachel Golding
This week, battling bad broadband, but chilled country weekends. Would you take Douglas Adams Legacy off the Beeb?, The return of Big Audio Dynamite, and The Matrix 4 & 5 in 3D featuring Keanu Reeves as grandpa Neo. Nick Cave on driving course, after blending his Jaguar with a Speed Camera, and BBC iPlayer to get real apps, and an international flavour soon.
Picture: Rachel Golding, rachelgolding.co.uk

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DarkCompass 452 – The Clinic

Recs of the FleshThis week, am I giving good advice? Tourdates Musician Clinic, was an eye opener, meeting up with Justin Wayne from The Justin Wayne Show, and Matt Stevens. Major Labels get a good idea releasing tracks the same time as they are broadcast, Brian Warner, Marilyn Manson to appear on the Austrian XFactor? Cops break up Non-Domestic, after neighbour mistakes Kinect Boxing Game for spousal abuse, and Thunderbirds are Go again!

Picture: Recs of the Flesh, Myspace

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DarkCompass 451 Devil in the Detail

This week, Back to normal? Nah.
Trying to get up to speed. The Winner of the Review Draw. More cracks in the walls. No new years resolutions for me, what about you?
New ways to dispose of bodies, Dani Filth booted off Suffolk Icon. HMV to close some stores, the last high street bastion of CD, and Unfunny man James Corden to host The Brits. I can just cannot laugh at his jokes
Did I say AFMusic enough this week? Thanks to them

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