DarkCompass 435 – Late Night Moaners

This week, out of the haze of pill taking, and back on the ale. Seeing old musical friends, and getting in late. Elbow front man says pirates go to hell, well a good way to advertise yourself mate, Lily Allen to make a fool of herself again, by suing Apple for laptop “misuse”. Keanu Reeves suggests new Bill and Ted Movie in pipeline, Vampire Bats still Plaguing Peru, and congratulations to Annie Nightingale for being the longest running female Radio Presenter in the World.
Picture: Patchwork Grace, by Craig Lamont
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Darkcompass 434 – Whamming it Home

This week, putting my feet up again, with a re-occurrence of Cellulitis. Not happy, but found some great tunes for this week. Pope calls us all non believers Nazis, much respected George Michael goes to Prison after Whamming into a shop under the influence, Marilyn Mansons movie canned, trailer too violent, looking forward to American Mcgees new Alice, and Burglar wants to get the police for having his phone after a break in.
Picture: Peter Block
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DarkCompass 433 – Ping, Burn, Tax

This week, putting my feet up as instructed by the doctors, so not much to report this week. Book burning priests alike to Nazis, it really makes Americans look uncaring and stupid. Bruce Campbell to make Uber Horror Comedy, bringing back Robert Englund as Freddy. Did not like the recent remake of Nightmare on Elm Street. 10% of UK citizens await letters from the taxman, and those taxes be used for Papal Visit? Sod the blessing.
Picture: Return to Earth, MySpace
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