DarkCompass 429 – For Ed

This week, a tough one. This show is for Ed, forever remembered as a great guy, only just discovering real ale. Lost whilst playing that noblest of sports, Football. Good luck to him whereever he is.

The show is fueled by Adnams, so bear with me, as I explain why Beautiful women will not make good bank managers, in this day and age, why pay so much for a pudding? and a man plays guitar again … with his face (and not like Jimi Hendrix). A bit longer than usual, as I have some great music to play before holiday break.
Picture – Ed, by Rowley
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DarkCompass 428 – Dog got Talent

This week, chillin, working and beering. Joining Camra, and the gift voucher issues. Reality talent show shake up with some decent Judges like Steve Tyler of Aerosmith, Randy Jackson of Journey, and Jennifer Lopez. Who really is Piers Morgan? Dog restaurant in Sydney. US movie industry to remake a recent film because it’s in a foreign language, with David Craig and People want Internet TVs, but decide what you want TV people – Internet or 3D?
Picture – Dante, by Hamish Campbell

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