DarkCompass 427 – The Silence is Golden

This week, a quite one, keeping up with things. Lots of recording of late with the Made in the UK Special, and The Metal Show, John Cage’s 4’33” for Christmas 2010 Number One?, and Deathboy for Eurovision 2011, something has to be done about the UK entrants. Evil poisonous fish, and huge hairy spiders are invading the UK even more due to Global Warming. Jeremy Clarkson explains what a Honey Badger is, and we’re ok, we have great tunes.
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DCMS July 2010

Moving to a monthly structure now, I think thats best. With a little more time to compile some of the best metal from around the world, I think it will be great. Drop me a comment, and as always enjoy the tunes.
Photo: Save, Myspace
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DarkCompass 426 – Meteorite Buzz


This week, Battling a cold, and a new mic, and it pops, Sorry – I will solve that for next time. Half of people who listen to Internet Radio do it via podcasts. Safe for work Playboy site? Good or Bad? Changing your name to Buzz Lightyear, Aliens target man with meteorites, and a listener, Insane Star, proves that the biscuit debate is a lie, and was a ploy by a a rival biscuit company, article here.
Picture: Buzz Lightyear Costume (Squidoo)

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DarkCompass 425 – I Blame Zombies

School of Seven Bells

This week, post Podcrawl analysis, and apathy. Blaming other podcasters for buying great music. Prince, says the net is over – but at least he got his money from trashy newspapers. Driving skills: freaking out onlookers as Zombies escape from crashed car, and blaming carjack for crash, instead of sex whilst driving. RIAA get it badly wrong, spending too much to get so little, the AC/DC burger ready for the Summer, and Guacamole and Salsa is now bad for you.
Picture: School of Seven Bells (Ioda Promonet)

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