DarkCompass 422 – Burgers, Beer and Porn


This week, A short week, getting things sorted for a little summer break. Glastonbury is too big and too violent for me, Clowns protest, because people who dress as clowns steal, and (why clowns) are evil. Arrested for selling Burgers, Beer and Porn without a license from a van, tell me if you like the music. Podcrawl in Two Weeks, and oh, some great tunes from around the world.
Picture: Burger, by lebowskifestdotcom

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DarkCompass 421 – Blowing Trumpets

This week, Hot week, with going out to see Stone Temple Pilots, and fustrating talk with software developers. Over 500 complaints about Vuvuzelas, and I want to kill anyone playing them in the UK. Hybrid CD/Vinyls, as if that would work. PPL would call for the death penalty, if it still existed here in the UK, and Ozzy Osbourne, a miracle of modern medicine? 6music Introducing, a great show, who missed a few.
Picture: I:Scintilla, by Emily Gualdoni

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DarkCompass 420 – Sounds of the City

Altus Plug
This week, Getting back to normal, watching kids films. Sorry news about more musical people dying, this time Vince Cable, drummer and all around good guy. Man plays poker for over 79 hours, and we should get Brian Blessed to do a voice over for SatNav. iPhone 4 glass not all that stable, Big Brother (not bothered), and missed Eurovision. UK song bombed, Germany Song good! Word Cup clash between USA and England on Saturday, bringing Cross-Atlantic love back that BP has lost. Some music may vary. Picture: Atlus Plug, Myspace

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